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Compound for wire reinforced hydraulic hose

Wire reinforced hydraulic hose is mainly used in conveying mineral oils and hydraulic working oils. It has good pressure resistance, ozone resistance and pulse resistance at -40℃~100℃.
HJG series of hose material implements national standard GB/T 3683-2006 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies-wire reinforced hydraulic type and complies with standard requirements. The finished hose products have passed the detection of Shenyang Research and Design Institute, and the result is as follows:


Test item Reference for test Testing conditions Results
Static pressure test GB/T5563-1994 40MPa×30s normal
Length change rate 20MPa working pressure is not greater than +2%~-4% -0.8%
Bursting test ≥80MPa 84MPa
Llow-temperature bend test GB/T5564-1994 -40±3℃×6h 180° bending Not cracking
After recovery of room temperature, 40MPa×30s No leakage
Oil resistance test GB/T1690-1992 3# standard oil, 100℃×70h volume change rate≤100% Internal compound: 55.6% External compound: 50.8%
Ozone resistance test HG/T2869-1997 50pphm×40℃×70h,  
Zoom in twice, without cracking on surface
Not cracking
Ply bond GB/T14905-1994 Bond strength with steel wire layer≥2.5KN/m Internal compound: 5.9KN/m External compound: 6.0KN/m
Impulse test GB/T5568-1994 Temperature: 93±3℃ 241350 times, normal
Pulse pressure: 26.6MPa
Frequency: 65 times/min
Waveform: square wave
Number of times: ≥200,000 times

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