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Wind power cable CPE sheathing compound

This product is produced according to national standard TICW/01-2009 flexible and torsion-resistant cables of rated voltages up to and including 1.8/3KV for wind turbine and can adapt to special working environment of wind power station for features such as excellent flame retardance, low temperature resistance, low smoke, good shock resistance and irradiation resistance. It is mainly used in ethylene-propylene insulated flexible CPE single-core sheathed cables for wind power generation of AC rated voltages up to and including 12/20kv.
Indicator requirements and measured performance


No. Item Unit HJF
Requirements Measured value
1 Tensile strength MPa ≥10 12.5
Elongation at break % ≥300 360
2 Air oven aging test                         70±2℃×10 d
Tensile strength change rate   % ±20 8
Elongation at break       % ≥250 320
Change rate of elongation at break    % ±20 -9
3 Oil resistance test (ASTM 2# oil)                  100±2℃×24 h
Tensile strength change rate   % ±40 -5
Change rate of elongation at break    % ±40 -10
4 Thermal extension test                          200±2℃×15 min×0.2MPa
Elongation under load % ≤175 35
Permanent deformation after cooling % ≤25 6
5 Brittle temperature       ≤-36 -40
Llow-temperature bend test      -35±2℃×16 h No cracks No cracks
6 Deflection test Ten thousand times - 30 No cracks

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