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Household electrical appliance cable compound

The product complies with the provisions of national standard GB7594.5-87 and is suitable for ordinary duty flame-retardant rubber sheath of wire and cable.
Indicator requirements and measured performance

No. Item Unit Requirements Results
Before aging Tensile strength        Mpa ≥10.0 11.9
Elongation at break        ≥300 440
Air oven aging test Aging conditions Temperature ºC 75±2 75±2
Time h 10×24 10×24
Tensile strength after aging / Mpa / 12.2
Change rate  ≤-15 2.8
Elongation at break after aging / ≥250 408
Change rate  ≤-25 -7.2
Thermal elongation test Test conditions Air temperature ºC 200±3 200±3
Load time min 15 15
Mechanical stress N/cm2 20 20
Elongation under load      ≤175 40
Permanent deformation after cooling   ≤25 6
Oil immersion test Test conditions Oil temperature ºC 100±2 100±2
Oil temperature time h 24 24
Tensile strength change rate         ±40 -9
Change rate of elongation at break      ±40 -10

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